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Students can write essays on many topics. Of course, when writing an essay, it should be written correctly by knowing how it is written and what the spelling rules are. For this purpose, people can examine and read sample essay outlines.

Now, in this article, we will look for an answer to the question of how to write an essay outline. The essays we call composition are the essays in which you can express yourself on any subject. Everything has composition. Composition is actually the beginning, development, and conclusion of writing an essay.

Let’s find out how to write an essay outline in detail.

How to Write an Essay Outline?

Many of us love to write. There are some students who write their own articles, write poetry, and even compose. Such people are those who like to express themselves by writing. But there are also some students for whom writing is a demanding task. They find writing essays boring, studious, and a daunting task.

Those who find essay writing a complex task should read this complete step-by-step guide and make their essay writing process easy and interesting.

The first thing is creating an effective outline, before starting writing an essay. An outline gives you an idea of the overall structure and formation of the essay. Creating an effective outline is the first and most crucial step of essay writing. You should spend more time on creating a strong outline because the better the outline is, the more effective your essay will be.

The following steps should be kept in mind before start creating an outline:

  • Topic selection should be according to the writer's interest
  • An adequate amount of research should be done on the topic
  • While composing an outline keep your target audience in your mind
  • Decide the type of essay
  • Carefully analyze each piece of information that you have
  • Arrange your ideas in different paragraphs

To create a perfect academic essay, follow the steps below:

Essay Outline Format

It may seem unnecessary to write your thoughts in an organized manner but for effective essay writing, it is very important.

An effective outline is one of the most important steps that shape your entire essay and helps in the writing process.

There are three main parts of an essay outline:

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1- Introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to "focus on the small content of the essay from the big picture of the topic". At the beginning of the essay, you will be asked how to get the reader into the essay.

With this in mind, the introduction can be divided into three sections:

  1. Introductory Statement

  2. In the Introduction Statement, you will write general information about the topic and interesting phenomena related to the topic. First of all, the purpose is to make the reader who read the first sentence sympathize and be interested.

  3. Background

  4. Backrgound provides a rough explanation of the topic, a little more detail, and the information you need to understand the essay. By giving the definition of the necessary words here, we will inform the reader of the prerequisites for future reading.

  5. Thesis statement

  6. Thesis statement is the most important sentence in the introduction. The essay's claims need to be concise and perfect, and the reader should know what I mean by this sentence.

2- Body Paragraph

The role of the Body Paragraph is to create the structure of the theory. It will explain what is said in the thesis statement in an easy-to-understand manner using evidence. Write multiple paragraphs as needed, but for most essays three paragraphs are sufficient.

  1. Topic Sentence

  2. First, in the Topic sentence, we will summarize what is written in each paragraph in one sentence. As the word says, it's a Topic sentence for each paragraph.

  3. Signposting

  4. Next is the signposting; essential for advanced essays. Although, a rough outline in the topic sentence will not go into the structure of the theory. Therefore, signposting specifically explains, "Use this information to prove the importance of."

  5. Supporting Evidence

  6. In Supporting evidence, the theory will be explained with actual examples. Find an example that clearly supports your claim. What is essential here is not just to write out the evidence, but to write about "why this example strengthens my claim". As mentioned above, you can find out by asking yourself "Why".

  7. Linking Sentence

  8. The final Leading sentence is the one that connects what was explained in that paragraph to a claim and then pulls it to what is explained next. For example, "What you can understand from ... is what you can understand. What about from the perspective of ...".

3- Conclusion

This conclusion paragraph is a summary of the above claims. However, it is not just a summary of what has been said, but a highly acclaimed essay also requires a "scope of application of claims."

Conclusion is done in three phases:

  1. Restatement

  2. First of all, Restatement briefly summarizes what has been said so far. It's not exactly the same as Thesis, let's rephrase it a bit.

  3. Brief Summary

  4. Next, in the Brief summary, I will write how I proved my claim in my essay. It's easy to summarize the contents of each paragraph.

  5. Final Statement

  6. Finally, in the Final statement, write the answer to "So what?" As described above. Similar to Thesis, writing with the message you want to convey to your readers works well.

Essay Outline Examples

There is a different outline template for different types of papers. The writers should know which type of outline should be used for the essay and research papers.

Generally, the outline for an essay is the same for all types of essays. However, it may vary if there are certain requirements from your instructors.

Mentioned below are essay outline examples for different types of essays:

  1. Argumentative Essay Outline

  2. An argumentative essay is written to explore both sides of the topic. The essay is based on the arguments that the writer provides on the basis of the evidence and supporting details.

  3. Persuasive Essay Outline

  4. Just like an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay also provides arguments on the basis of facts and evidence to prove their point. But the only difference in persuasive essays is the writer's goal to convince the readers rather than just to inform.

  5. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

  6. In a compare and contrast essay, you analyse the similarities and differences of the two things. Apparently, the two objects or concepts seem similar but when going into detail one can easily find out their differences. The writer's goal is to highlight the points which make two objects similar or different.

  7. Narrative Essay Outline

  8. A narrative essay is written to describe something in the form of a story. The purpose is to share a story in a creative way, making it more interesting for people to read. Generally, a narrative essay is composed from a personal point of view, where the writer expresses his thoughts by using the words "I" and "me".

  9. Expository Essay Outline

  10. These types of essays go through detailed analysis, explanation, and illustration of the concepts for the readers. Therefore, an expository essay should not be biased and completely based on facts. It is important to use the academic resources in your essay in order to cite your sources of research.

  11. Analytical Essay Outline

  12. An analytical essay writing analyses the topic from a critical point of view. In this essay, the writer first breaks down the content further into sub-parts and then explains the topic bit by bit.

  13. Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

  14. The purpose of a rhetorical essay is to examine the work of another writer or artist and then develop a great essay. Normally, it includes a discussion about the artist's work.

  15. Causes and Effect Essay Outline

  16. Causes and effect essay is a type of expository essay, which describes why something happens. It also examines what are the consequences of an occurrence and the phenomena behind it.

  17. Informative Essay Outline

  18. The purpose of the informative essay is to inform the audience about the topic. It includes detailed information and explanation which answers all the questions of the target audience about the topic.

  19. Synthesis Essay Outline

  20. A synthesis essay requires a writer to describe the issue or topic by giving a unique point of view. Writers can create a claim about the topic and use different sources to prove it.

  21. Literary Analysis Essay Outline

  22. To analyse and examine or novel book play or any piece of literature literary analysis essay is written. In this analysis, the writer works on different ideas, characters, plot, and themes to deliver his message.

  23. Definition Essay Outline

  24. Definition essay required students to select a particular topic or concept and explain it in their own words. Students are required to define the concept according to their understanding.

  25. Descriptive Essay Outline

  26. In order to describe a person, place, object, or an event; descriptive essays are written. The purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to help the reader to visualise a topic by using their five senses.

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